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Our mission: Promote inclusion and fairness throughout the gaming community to match our values ​​of integrity, fairness, loyalty and creativity of our population. Give our viewers the best entertainment possible. Encourage players to create their own content and grow their business with guidance and marketing tactics to enhance their viewers as well as build an audience and help build their revenue stream. Create respectable competitive players by creating a healthy community and helping all players grow and learn in the competitive environment. Training and living with top players will help them improve and practice strategies for the competitive environment. Finally, promote and create a healthy community with values ​​and dedication to be part of this beautiful experience. Create a ZERO TOXIC community. Terms and Conditions: [By filling out this application you are responsible for these terms and conditions of the TCG team] By entering the TCG team, whether as a content creator, competitive player, staff, or academy student, you are aware that all content can be shared or used in all forms or social networks to promote the TCG team. Entering the competitive clan does not give you the right to make any monetary claims on the Team Coach Gaming organization. As a player, you will be competitive by training and playing with other competitive players who have a desire to improve their game. Central accesses players and coaches of a good level that will help you hone the technical skills that you can apply in the game.

All content created and distributed must be approved by the Team Coach Gaming administrative team. Any unapproved content had to be taken down and submitted for approval. This document is a legal contract binding the (player) with Team Coach Gaming. The Player must wear the letters representing Team Coach Gaming in all competitive and non-competitive events. Requirements to continue being part of the competitive team are the following: TOXICITY IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. There will be zero tolerance for toxicity towards other members of the Team Coach Gaming team (Administration, Competitive, Fans, Public)

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